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by Billy on February 28, 2010 · 69 comments

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I have used iPage for a couple months now and I have to say they are not as good as they say they are. Yes, they do offer unlimited disk space, emails, mysql databases, bandwidth etc. But, there is one catch, they are constantly down.

Not too long ago my blog was down more than it was up but, I realized that the only database that was crashing was my WordPress database, the forum has never crashed and has been very fast. I have created a new database and exported all my  files the new one and I am currently using the new one; hopefully this will solve my problem.

What really makes me mad about iPage is there terrible customer service. When I start a chat with someone I am usually greeted with someone asking how I am doing. Next, I tell them my problem and after about 5-10 minutes they say “I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you” IT TOOK YOU 10 MINUTES TO TYPE THAT? I then will repeat my problem asking if they can fix it. Next they will say, “can we have the exact URL of the error?” I give them the URL and explain that WordPress is trying to reinstall its self and its a result of my mysql database. Then they say, “It looks like your running a third party application” DUH YOU IDOITS, I just said that!

I feel like every person I talk to on iPage says the exact same thing as the other person, they never solve your problems they just forward it to someone else to deal with.

Overall iPage has nice features, the only reason my blog is so slow is because of my theme. The main reasons iPage is frustrating the hell out of me is because of their horrible support and the large amounts of downtime. I recommend you stay away from iPage unless you are going to have an HTML only website, if so iPage would be great for you because you never need to deal with databases.

Who hosts your website? What do you think of iPage? Comments Welcome!

About the Author: Billy

I have Been using computers all my life and have always been good with them. I am the owner and main blogger of Follow me on Twitter @bllymcgvrn123 & Subscribe to me on YouTube

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iPollesion October 17, 2012 at 8:18 pm

I just signed up to iPage and they are so slow, I guess they need to work on that, come next February, I’m switching to or another reliable and quick host.

iPage lacks speed, they limit the MySQL connections to 10 per account, that’s ridiculous!


albaness March 8, 2013 at 3:06 pm

can u plz advise me which host should i use with dreamweaver?


Billy March 16, 2013 at 11:31 am

I myself use Wordpress. I think it is much easier to use than Dreamweaver. You don’t have to be an expert coder to use Wordpress.


nehraaz April 16, 2013 at 3:07 am

SUCKS BIG TIME !!! 5 days and my TTL and A records still ahvent been changed. It pisses me off being an indian talknig to an indian out of india who doesnt understand jack sheet of what i am saying.

I am defintely ditching this soon. SUCKS BIG TIME 5 days for a 5 min job !!!


nehraaz April 16, 2013 at 3:10 am

Thank you for contacting us.

In order to ensure that we’re chatting with an authorized account owner, please be prepared to answer your security question when we begin chatting. If you have not yet set your Security Question and Answer, please log into your account now to set it up.

At the end of our conversation, please keep this window open and complete our one question survey to let us know how we’re doing.

Please hold for the next available operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Nagaveni S’


nehraaz: 11007511

Nagaveni S: Hi Nehraaz, how are you today?

nehraaz: can u tell me why this ticket is taking forever

nehraaz: i am not good coz i have been waiting for 5 days for a 5 min change

Nagaveni S: I will check this now.

nehraaz: thank u

Nagaveni S: May I know the exact DNS record for which you wish to set the TTL value to 5 minutes?

nehraaz: hello did u read the case

nehraaz: i gave u the ip address there

nehraaz: i want to point to the ip i gave u

Nagaveni S: Yes, I have checked the ticket.

Nagaveni S: Okay.

nehraaz: so create the ptr record

Nagaveni S: Please let me know the IP address.

nehraaz: hello DID u see the ip in the case no

nehraaz: why m iasked for this for the 8th time !@!!!

Nagaveni S: Yes.


nehraaz: jeeperas what are u ppl up 2

nehraaz: do u know what u r doing

nehraaz: i am sick n tired of waiting all this while since last week and still i am being asked the same thing over n over again and nothing is being done

Nagaveni S: Okay

nehraaz: do u understand my frustration

nehraaz: i am losing time n money due to this

nehraaz: are you going to compensate me for ur lack of action

nehraaz: can i speak to ur manager please

Nagaveni S: New Record -> added to

nehraaz: good

nehraaz: so why were u asking me the ip again when u had it

nehraaz: when will it take effect

Nagaveni S: Sorry for asking IP address again.

Nagaveni S: It will take 1-12 hours to update the zone file.

nehraaz: can i have ur managers email address

Nagaveni S: You can send an email to . Once we receive the email, we will forward it to concerned department.

nehraaz: i sent emails there and nothing got done

nehraaz: give me a concerned departments address

nehraaz: u guys take 5 days to reply to a case

nehraaz: y cant i do the changes myself when other websites allow you to do it

nehraaz: y do i have to deal with ur ineffectiveness and slowness

nehraaz: can u see how long since hte initial case wasw logged

Nagaveni S: They will update TTL Records within couple of hours.

Nagaveni S: I understand this is time-critical. I am working hard to find a speedy resolution for your issue.

nehraaz: u think i have couple of hours when i have wasted 5 days…first u say 1-12 now u say 1-2

nehraaz: if u understand that then it would have been done ages ago

nehraaz: u have my money so u dont care

nehraaz: thats y i wait for so long

Nagaveni S: I have set high priority for the ticket.

nehraaz: thats what the last guy said 3 days ago

nehraaz: listen i want ALL TTL for * to be set to 5 mins

nehraaz: OK ?

nehraaz: u have that

Nagaveni S: Okay.

nehraaz: so next time i do changes i dont have to wait for u to pull ur finger out

nehraaz: ALL TTL for * to be set to 5 mins

nehraaz: dont stuff this up coz i have had it with ur stuff ups

Nagaveni S: Okay.

nehraaz: Priority Host Points To: Action 10 * — Edit Remove 5 — Edit Remove 30 *

Nagaveni S: I have updated the ticket with this information.

nehraaz: this was set last week

nehraaz: why is it still pointing to ur default 66 address


nehraaz: i did this on the ipage dns menu 5 days ago

nehraaz: can u explain to me why this still has not been actioned ????

Nagaveni S: A record is not updated.

nehraaz: y ?????

nehraaz: all records are not updated\

nehraaz: y ???????

nehraaz: mx still points to 66 and so does mail and *

nehraaz: www.

Nagaveni S: I do not have that information. Shall I update now?

nehraaz: shall u update now ???

Nagaveni S: Sure.

nehraaz: what was happening all this time ????

nehraaz: u telling me couple of hours and i did this5 days ago

nehraaz: and still no action

nehraaz: is this automated or someone sees it and then decides to do it

Nagaveni S: Record(s) for updated

nehraaz: answer my q ?

nehraaz: is it automated or someone does it ?

Nagaveni S: It need to update manually.

Nagaveni S: Default IP address is

nehraaz: so it took 5 days and still not done

nehraaz: i am moving away from ur pathetic slow service

nehraaz: m not recommending u to any one of my clients anymore


nehraaz: NOW !!!!

Nagaveni S: I have updated the A record and pointed to IP address.

nehraaz: i want an email address now

nehraaz: i want my money back

nehraaz: ur money back guarantee i am going to use tha tnow

nehraaz: coz ur service sucks

Nagaveni S: Please wait for couple of hours. I have updated the A record now.

nehraaz: i just told u updated everything to the

Nagaveni S: It will take couple of hours to update the zone file.

nehraaz: when i wanted that u didnt do it

nehraaz: its too late and i have lost that client now thanks to ur pathetic service

nehraaz: i want my money back’

nehraaz: give me an email address

Nagaveni S: Yes, is pointed to .

nehraaz: ALL !!!!!

nehraaz: and give me ur managers address

nehraaz: for the last time

nehraaz: i WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!

Nagaveni S: Okay.

nehraaz: i cant take hthis pathetic service anymore

Nagaveni S: Manager’s email address is .

nehraaz: thank u

Nagaveni S: It’s my pleasure!

nehraaz: u can tell her i expect my money back

Nagaveni S: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

nehraaz: yeah give me my money back

Nagaveni S: Yes, you can tell her about moneyback.

nehraaz: u tell her !!!!

Nagaveni S: Do you wish to cancel the account?

nehraaz: yes but not now

nehraaz: leave it as it is

nehraaz: let me find a bette rhost first

nehraaz: better host firsrt

nehraaz: i will tell u when

nehraaz: NOT NOW !!!

Nagaveni S: Okay.

nehraaz: did anyone ever tell u ur servicve sucks ?


phart June 16, 2013 at 7:30 am

Yep , you are right , same ” in case of you” !!! often time just say
and seem super slowly speed , and some confused wording act. host , ftp ,mailserver. too many
not convenience very much for ipage i got 3 site and one host very sad b/c i byu plan 2 year… sad..


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